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heart of wales

Neath Port Talbot has always been at the centre of things. At the heart of South Wales, it’s where urban east meets rural west.

We were at the centre of the Industrial Revolution. And some might say this is where you’ll find the heart of the nation.

Clamber up one of our hillsides and you’ll find yourself on a stage, watching the natural theatre of sky, sea, land and people playing out below. In one direction, steelworkers wind their way through the streets to their next shift. In another, mountain bikers hurtle down steep valley descents experiencing both dread and delight. In the distance, along the coast children make messy work of their ice creams with their parents cooling off at the water’s edge.

Few other places offer the drama and diversity on show here. Nature sits side-by-side with the man-made. Waterfalls drop down to meet the waves. Our communities take great pride in showing off our industrial heritage but are hard at work writing the next chapter of our story.

Something about Neath Port Talbot inspires people here to create beautiful things. The societies, choirs and bands that were formed by the miners and foundry workers still flourish even though the industries are long gone. Our creative talent ‘exports’ like Katherine Jenkins, Michael Sheen and Anthony Hopkins all call this neck of the woods ‘home’.

Our mountains and valleys, rivers and coastline provide a natural adventure playground for a range of activities. Our mountain biking valley is one of the toughest, but most exhilarating, in the UK.



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