Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfalls re-opens

Nestled within the area of south Wales known as Waterfall Country, Neath Port Talbot’s stunning waterfalls are part of the reason the region has become known as the Dramatic Heart of Wales.

And for visitors hoping to uncover the unique heritage of the area by getting out into nature, Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfalls lies at the end of a stunning walking trail steeped in history.

Cascading through a rocky gorge, the river Dulais carves its way through the valley and tumbles over ancient stones to form the beautiful Aberdulais Falls – their flowing water soundtracked by birdcalls from regular visitors of herons and dippers.

This natural haven sits in stunning contrast to the Tin Works and Waterwheel, both survivors from a time gone by. The Tin Works date back 400 years to a time when south Wales was the world’s centre for copper smelting and Aberdulais offered the perfectly secluded location for pioneering engineer Ulrich Frosse, who sought a site far away from competitors’ eyes.

The copperworks stayed at Aberdulais for 200 years, before the Industrial Revolution saw the site transform again to make way for ironworking, the milling of textiles and grain, and the manufacture of 19th century tinplate.

To share this story with the next generation, the site has been recently re-opened by the National Trust who has owned the Tin Works since 1980. Having spent the last 30 years restoring the Works, National Trust now welcomes visitors every Thursday and Friday, 10:30am – 3:30pm, free of charge.

The site can now welcome visitors of all ages to the accessible waterfalls, Waterwheel and Tin Works. The site benefits from upkeep by St Giles Cymru who use the historic location for a Green Community Training, Heritage & Wellbeing Hub to attract volunteers and work with people facing great adversity. This St Giles project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Explore Aberdulais Tin Works & Waterfalls as part of your trip to the Dramatic Heart of Wales – find out more about the attraction and book your stay here.

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