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Celebrating Wales Tourism Week in the Dramatic Heart of Wales

For one week, each year, the Wales Tourism Alliance hosts the Wales Tourism Week as an opportunity to showcase and raise awareness for the quality of Welsh tourism.

We know what you might be thinking, one week is surely not enough time to showcase everything the Dramatic Heart of Wales has to offer. Well, it has certainly been a busy week. We hope that you have enjoyed our social media posts reflecting on the communities, businesses, and nature that all make our area an unforgettable destination.

A Time for Reflection

We took this Wales Tourism Week as an opportunity for introspective reflection. In a time of abundant growth and development, we often forget to appreciate what we have. The Dramatic Heart of Wales certainly has a lot to reflect upon. From our valleys to our coast, we offer adrenaline fuelled adventure, irresistible relaxation, and above all else, stories to take home.

Wales by Trails

The theme for Welsh Tourism this year, as set by Visit Wales, is ‘Wales by Trails’. Trails are perhaps the best way to enjoy Wales, they offer a journey of discovery, experience, and can equally be tailored by local experts, or curated by curious explorers. We have created a handy guide to help you choose a walking trail based on location, difficulty and duration. We’ve also created a film and tv set trail that will help you to spot some of the locations where productions including Dr Who, Sex Education and His Dark Materials have been filmed.

Sustainable Tourism

The theme for this year’s Wales Tourism Week is ‘Sustainable Solutions; Practices and Enterprise’. Sustainability has never been more important, we all have our part to play in making the world a better place. The Dramatic Heart of Wales works closely with local and national bodies to align with sustainable strategies, and work for a shared vision where our tourism protects our nature, the people of our communities, and the businesses that depend on tourism. We would also encourage all visitors to our area to make the Visit Wales Promise/Addo which asks tourists to embrace new experiences while supporting local communities and caring for the land.

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