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From ghoulish gamekeepers to angry monks – here’s a Halloween deep dive into the Dramatic Heart’s spooky side

Are you fascinated by frightening tales and intrigued by the supernatural?

Did you know that Neath Port Talbot has had its fair share of creepy goings on and unexplained sightings over the years?

The area, which is steeped in history dating back hundreds of years before the Roman times, has seen reports of everything from ghostly gamekeepers with a grudge to horrifying haunted mines.

So to mark the spookiest day of the year we delve into some of the creepiest stories to come out of the Dramatic Heart of Wales – continue if you dare! …


Margam Castle and grounds – The Ghost of Robert Scott

Ask any ghost hunter in south Wales about the area’s most haunted locations and Margam Castle and its grounds will immediately come up.

The Tudor Gothic Mansion, which is located in Margam Country Park, is a Grade I listed building, with a sweeping staircase and vast grounds, which have been the location of more than one ghostly sighting.

Dating back to 1830 the impressive mansion, which sits in 850 acres of parkland, frequently attracts visitors to its scenic grounds – however many are unaware of its dark past.

One spirit which many claim to have seen is that of murdered gamekeeper Robert Scott.

Scott, who was part of a team of staff who worked on the grounds to prevent poaching, was found dead in June 1898.

After he and his colleagues spotted a poacher on the estate they split up in a bid to trap him, however Scott vanished and a gunshot was heard.

The next day the gamekeeper’s body was discovered on Margam Mountain with severe injuries.

Over the years visitors to the castle and its grounds claim to have seen Scott’s ghost or felt his presence – and psychic investigators who claim to have contacted him say his spirit is consumed with rage over his untimely killing.

Alongside the tragic gamekeeper, other unexplained sights and sounds have also occurred at the castle, including ghost children in Victorian dress, running footsteps and voices when no-one is in the building, and moving objects.


Neath Abbey – Monks wandering the ruins

Neath Abbey, once one of the largest in Wales, dates back to 1129AD with the first monks occupying the abbey from 1130AD.

Around 50 monks were said have lived at the Abbey, however they were expelled during King Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.

Over the years numerous people have reported strange sightings of monks walking in the Abbey’s grounds, with monks seen moving at pace through the ruins then disappearing.

The Abbey’s ghostly sightings were also discussed in a book by local author and paranormal expert Robert King.


Glyncorrwg Mine – The woman with the lamp

According to reports from the Yorkshire Evening Post in 1902 over 300 miners refused to enter Glyncorrwg Mine after they saw a ghost.

The miners went on strike after claiming to have heard screams and cries for help and seeing the ghostly female figure appearing with a lighted lamp.

The miners believed that the sighting of the woman may have been a paranormal warning of an impending mining disaster and refused to enter.


And finally TATA Steel’s cursed ruins: 

According to reports the Port Talbot steelmaking plant’s grounds are home to the 800-year-old cursed ruins of a farmhouse.

It has been suggested that the ruins were cursed by a Cistercian monk after being expelled from their abbey in the 16th century during the dissolution of the monasteries (see above).

The angry monk told the abbey’s new owner that if he did not protect the remaining wall and it fell, then the entire town would fall with it.

Terrified by this, generations of the owner’s family have protected the wall to ensure it never falls, and even today it has a fence surrounding it ensure it remains protected.

There have also been reported sighting of a ghostly monk in the area of the ruins – which some believe may be the very same one who placed the curse.


Happy Halloween!

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