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Neath Cricket Club bowls people over across South Wales

Neath Cricket Club has a long and prestigious history of hosting teams from around the world and welcoming internationally renowned players such as Ricky Ponting to the field.


The club is known and respected across South Wales for creating talented and passionate players who frequently go on to represent Glamorgan at county level.


Thanks to its long history in the area, which dates back over 170 years, the club has connected with people across Neath with many feeling part of this sporting institution.


One such person is current Glamorgan staff coach and proud Neath resident Adrian Shaw, whose love of cricket blossomed as a youngster playing on the pitch in Neath.


Adrian, who is looking forward to coaching Glamorgan at Neath Cricket Club in August as they take on Lancashire and Hampshire, tells us why the club is still very close to his heart…


“I’ve lived in Neath all my life, I’m from Cadoxton just outside Neath, so I have an emotional connection to the club and its players.


“I have extremely fond memories of playing here as a young boy, but one of my favourite as an older player was playing against Australia in 1994 against players like Ricky Ponting, which was enjoyable.


“There have been some really memorable games played at our lovely ground over the years and we have a devoted and loyal base of supporters too.


“I also have many really fond memories of playing at club cricket level in the area for clubs including Briton Ferry Steel, Ynysygerwn, and as director of cricket in Neath, so some of my fondest memories are here.


“For me, Neath and the South Wales areas are a little bit special when it comes to cricket as we have a hotbed of great cricket players and great cricket being played, and there are a lot of fantastic clubs in the area which have contributed heavily to the success of Glamorgan cricket of the years.


“I’m clearly very biased as I have lived and played here all my life, but Neath cricket means a great deal to me and is very close to my heart.


“One of the most rewarding parts of my current role as staff coach at Glamorgan Cricket is to foster interest in the sport with the next generation of younger players and coaches in areas including Neath.


“I think that nurturing new talent from Neath and the surrounding areas is so important and ensures the great tradition of Neath cricket is kept alive and thriving for future generations.”


Glamorgan will be playing Lancashire on August 17th and Hampshire on August 19th as part of the Royal London Cup 2022 at Neath Cricket Club.


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