Afan Forest Park

Welcome to Afan Forest Park! Explore our website to plan your next adventure in this beautiful area of South Wales.

Discover our famous mountain bike trails, waymarked walks and family friendly cycle routes set in the backdrop of the stunning Afan Valley, South Wales.


With great facilities and bike shops paired up with local mountain biking guides and tuition services, getting on your bike in Afan couldn’t be easier.


Afan Forest Park is perfect for family friendly adventures. The Rheilfordd Trail, takes you on a gentle cycle ride along the valley floor and the Rookie Trail is perfect for children (and grown ups) who are mountain biking beginners.


Exploring Afan Forest Park (also known in Welsh as Afan Argoed) on foot will take you in the footsteps of our ancestors. Stroll or trek through our lush green valley where traces of our industrial past have been gently reclaimed by nature.


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