Dulais Valley

Once, heavy industry attracted people to the Dulais Valley. Nowadays, it’s the tourism industry.

Although miners and tinplate workers have long since left the valley, tourists are now drawn here to learn about its important role in the Industrial Revolution.


Cefn Coed Colliery was once the deepest anthracite mine in the world. At its museum, visitors discover why it earned the unenviable nickname of ‘The Slaughterhouse’.


At Aberdulais, they harnessed hydro power as far back as 1584. The works later provided the world with a revolutionary new technology – tinplate. Now a National Trust site, Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall tells the story of this area’s journey from industrial centre in the backdrop of its beautiful and easily accessible waterfall.


Of course, we didn’t just export coal and tinplate from the Dulais Valley; there’s good evidence that the village of Banwen was the birthplace of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

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